st1GREEN means GO…. and that is exactly what these youngsters are learning here while they GO to SAFETY TOWN!!! Small buildings, cross walks, traffic signals are all part of Brook Park’s permanent pint size town called safety town, located right outside Brook Park City Hall. Our Safety Town is a replica town created to instruct children about safety measures and to teach kids about fire, pedestrians, traffic, water, guns, and poisons/drugs.

“One of the best tools a firefighter or a police officer has is education. We have a fantastic officer running this program and other programs similar to it, his name is Officer Kosakowski and he is really great with children. Life is different now than when I was growing up and children sometimes are placed in situations that require for them to know when it’s proper to call 911 and this is the program that will teach them all of this,” said Mayor Tom Coyne.

st2The program is geared to kindergarten-aged children who learn the basics of personal safety. They also learn what to do when lost and the importance of knowing how to contact a parent or guardian and how to deal with strangers as well as never allowing anyone to touch them inappropriately.
The “National Safety Town Center” was founded in 1964 right here in the Cleveland area by a pre-school teacher named Dorothy Chlad.

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