Brooklyn Varga—Ohio State Champion

Brooklyn Varga spent a decade of her 11 and ½ years living here in Brook Park, Ohio. In that short time, she has already successfully accomplished more than most do in a lifetime.

She just finished first place for age group 11 as Ohio State Champion on the uneven bars and all around. This is nothing new either, this is the third year in a row that she has won this level in her age group. This is quite an accomplishment for an 11 1/2 year old girl who’s skills on the uneven bar have become just as natural as walking.

Last year she was reigning state all around champ for 2016.

Here at Brook Park City Hall we believe Brooklyn is an inspiration for other girls! While a dedicated gymnast for Xtreme Gymnastics, Brooklyn is a 6th grade student at Ford Intermediate School. Her first goal is to go to college then quite possibly compete in the Olympics!

Brooklyn Varga is the girl to be watching for…and we are so proud she comes from Brook Park, Ohio! She also enjoys singing, shopping, swimming and especially likes making slime with friends!

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