Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs Warns Residents of Social Security Scam Calls

Scam Alert

The Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs is warning residents to hang up on
Social Security scam calls.

In these scams, callers try to scare people into paying to keep their Social Security accounts
from being frozen or seized.

Occasionally, scammers will even claim the person’s Social Security number has been linked to
a crime scene involving drugs or bodies.

Consumer Affairs wants you to know that real government agencies don't call people
with threats to seize their accounts.

And legitimate agencies NEVER ask people to move their money to new accounts to avoid

To protect yourself from scams, let unknown calls go to voicemail – and don’t call hang-up
numbers back out of curiosity.

Delete all messages that threaten you with arrest or seizure of your accounts or property.
And if you accidentally pick up a threatening call, hang up immediately.

To report a scam or to get help with a complaint against a business, contact
Consumer Affairs at 216-443-SCAM or online at

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