New Fixed Rate for NOPEC Commercial Electric

Two New Fixed Rate Programs for NOPEC Commercial Electric Members

6.94 cents/kWh NOPEC Commercial Electric rate fixed to August 2018

NOPEC is continuously negotiating best in class products and services for our member communities and households.  We now offer a 6.94 cents/kWh fixed rate for commercial electric accounts.  Plus - you still get the additional 1% NOPEC discount.  This makes the effective rate 6.87 cents compared to our average variable NOPEC rate of 7.1 cents -an additional 3% savings.    

This new rate is well below any of the 11 market rates currently published on the PUCO Apples to Apples website. Here are the NOPEC product details: 

·         Fixed 6.94 cents/kWh till August 2018. 

·         You still receive your additional 1% NOPEC discount.  

·         You can switch back in the future to the NOPEC 4% + 1% off price, or another NOPEC fixed price option at any time, for any reason with no penalty.

·         There is no early termination fee as long as you keep your electric accounts in NOPEC.

Enrolling in the new NOPEC Fixed Commercial Rate for your accounts is easy.  Click the link below.   You'll need the copies of your bills with the account number.

4.34 cents/kWh for Street Lighting fixed to June 2018

In cooperation with First Energy Solutions, we have developed a new Street Lighting Endorsement Program.  This price for Streetlights offers savings but also provides you the budget protection against future price hikes.  The NOPEC rate of 4.34 cent is fixed through June 2018.  Enrolling in the NOPEC Streetlight Program takes about 3 minutes and you can do it all online with the link below.   All you need is your account number.. In summary:

  • Fixed 4.34 cents/kWh till June 2018 compared to the October "Price to Compare" of 4.56 cents.
  • You can terminate the agreement anytime, at no cost, for any reason. 
  • The NOPEC program does not impact your maintenance contract with CEI.


Let us know if you have any questions.  We would be glad to stop by and estimate your savings and discuss the details in person.  We can also provide you a free energy audit of any other muni electric or natural gas utility bills to ensure that you are being billed properly. We will watch the rates and let you know if there are other future programs where you will benefit.  Our goal is to make sure you have the most competitive pricing available with terms that make the most sense for you. 

Chuck Keiper,  NOPEC Executive Director

Charles Ramer, NOPEC Senior Relationship Manager   440-249-4195