Expanded Homestead Exemption Deadline

Attention Brook Park Veterans!
Expanded Homestead Exemption Deadline is June 6, 2016

Disabled veterans who previously did not qualify for the expanded Homestead Reduction for Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses may now qualify. The Am. Senate Bill 10, was recently extended by the 131st General Assembly effective March 23, 2016. Am. Senate Bill 10 will now include veterans who are receiving compensation at the 100% level due to individual unemployability caused by service –connected disabilities. Additionally, the bill added two new requirements which apply to new applicants. The first that the veteran must have been discharged or released from active duty and that the discharge or release was under honorable conditions.

Those applicants that would like a full copy of Am. Senate Bill 10, need a form, or would like more information- please call the Ohio Department of Veterans Services at 614-644-0898. Please be advised that there is a deadline of June 6, 2016 for applicants of tax year 2016 and the same deadline applies to those filling out late application for tax year 2015.

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