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Emergency Preparedness Manual

This Manual is being provided to the residents and businesses of the City of Brook Park to educate you in the event of an emergency. Please take a few moments to read and then practice the emergency preparedness information in this manual. Protecting the well being of your family and property during an emergency begins with you and your family being prepared. Together, our safety forces, combined with your cooperation in preparing for such an event, will make a major difference in saving lives, reducing injuries and protecting property.

Brook Park Fire Department General Info

When experiencing an emergency, dial 911
For informational purposes call 216-433-1215.

The Brook Park Fire Department consists of the Fire Chief, Fire Captain, seven Lieutenants and 40 Fire Fighters.
There are three fire stations at the following locations:

22530 Ruple Parkway 17401 Holland Road 6090 West 130th Street

The Fire Department offers excellent fire protection, as well as 24-hour emergency ambulance service; the rescue squad operation is a Paramedic Unit, staffed by State Certified Paramedics. Transportation is available to Southwest General Health Center, Parma General, Fairview General and Kaiser Permanente Hospitals.
An annual fire hydrant maintenance program is conducted each summer. This includes flushing, greasing and painting hydrants, and their caps and stems. This program insures that the hydrants are in working order and that the water available from the hydrant is of sufficient quantity should a fire occur nearby. After the hydrants are tested, you may experience rusty water in your home for a short period of time. While this a minor inconvenience, it is necessary to test the hydrants to insure that they will operate correctly in case of a fire.
The Fire Department regularly inspects all commercial buildings in the
City for fire and safety hazards, and two members are assigned full time to fire inspection and investigation.
Included in the response area is the Ford Motor Engine facility, which consists of four separate casting and machining plants, and NASA's Glenn Research Center. The
city is crossed by interstate highways and several railroad lines and borders Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
All division members are state certified firefighters. Twenty-six members of the division are certified at the level of paramedic, and operate three advanced life support ambulances, which responds to more than 2500 emergency calls annually. Several Fire Division members are certified instructors and assist in training programs for local professional and civic groups.
Brook Park Fire Division provides emergency transport for ill or injured patients to several local hospitals. All ambulances have the capability for voice and data transfer communications with emergency room physicians. The emergency department of Southwest General - University Hospital provides medical direction and patient care protocols. The Emergency Medical Service department of the hospital coordinates medical education for the Fire Division members.
In addition,
Brook Park's division of fire works closely with area fire departments. We maintain mutual aid agreements with nineteen area communities and have combined resources to form the Southwest Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) With their efforts we help supply with manpower and equipment the Hazardous Materials Team and recently S.E.R.T. began the process of forming a Technical Rescue Team for the area.
The Fire Department strives to serve you, our residents, to the best of their ability. If you require fire or ambulance services please call the Emergency Number 911. For all other purposes, please call 433-1215.


After The Fire

Emergency Preparedness Manual

False Alarms

Fire Alarm System Permit Application

Fire Sprinkler System Permit Application

Generic Fire Prevention Application

Hood Suppression System Permit Application

Hydrant Permit Application 

Hydrant Permission & Use Forms
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Inspections & Fees

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 Notice of Privacy

Recreational Fire Rules

Tank Installation or Removal Application

Tent Permit Application



ALUMINUM CANS FOR BURNED CHILDREN (ACBC)- Please save and drop off your aluminum cans behind your local Fire Station. The proceeds are used for fire safety education (Fire Safety Smoke House) at the schools, outings for burned children at Camp Phoenix in Bath, Ohio. Also funds are used to buy non-medical items not covered by insurance, such as special protective clothing or bicycles that help injured children exercise arms and legs.

 Information for Residents


  • The best way to dispose of paint or other chemical products is to use them according to the label directions. If you no longer have a use for the product, consider donating it to a neighbor, church group, or another charitable organization.

  • Never dispose of chemicals in your home drains or storm sewers.

  • Keep all chemicals in their original containers, with the label intact and safely locked away from children or pets. Specific questions about chemical disposal can be directed to the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste district office at (216) 443-3749.

  • Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are required in all motels, hotels, apartments, boarding houses, dormitories, nursing homes and private dwellings of two or more families. They are also required in all single-family dwellings.

  • Open burning is prohibited in the City of Brook Park.

  • Hydrant flushing is scheduled to begin as weather permits. Neighborhoods where hydrant flushing is underway will be marked with signs posted at major intersections. Discolored water often appears for a short time after hydrants are serviced. This is not unusual and quickly returns to normal if you run your water for a few minutes.

  • Fireworks are illegal. They are also potentially dangerous. Leave the fireworks displays to the professionals.

 Fire & Safety Prevention

  • SAFETY NOTES- Please remember to periodically practice E.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills in the Home). Planning and practicing escape routes could help you get out safely and quickly in case of fire. Remember these important tips: Set up a family escape plan on paper. Know two ways out of any room. Pick a family meeting place outside your house. Call 911 from a neighbor's phone. Always remember: GET OUT AND STAY OUT!! When your smoke detector alarms, get out safely and quickly, don't hide, go outside to your family meeting place, count heads to make sure everyone is out, go to your neighbor's to call 911 then stay out…do not go back into the fire.

  • SMOKE & CO DETECTORS- The Department has found that many of these devices have reached the end of their designed life span. If they have been manufactured more than 8 years ago, they are due for replacement. Remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors at least twice a year (when you change your clocks- change your batteries!) and test the unit once a month. Our goal is to have a working smoke detector in every residence. If you cannot truly afford one, contact your councilman or the Director of Public Safety at 433-1300. A working smoke detector can save your life by giving early warning of a fire in your home. If you are physically unable to install or service your detectors, call the Fire Department for assistance at (216) 433-1215.

  • SEVERE WEATHER- The City of Brook Park maintains an outdoor siren alerting system. It is designed to alert anyone outdoors of possible danger approaching. The siren may mean severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, or other natural or man-made disaster. A test is performed each Saturday at Noon on the alert system. If the sirens are activated, residents should go indoors and tune to radio, television or NOAA weather radio for details. It is suggested that all residents have a supply of bottled water, non-perishable food, a battery-powered radio, flashlights and spare batteries available in case of any emergency. If severe weather is approaching, take shelter in the center of the lowest level of the structure. Stay away from outdoor walls and windows. Please do not call 911 when you hear the sirens. The 911 service is to be used for reporting emergencies only.