If you are a Senior Citizen or have a Senior relative, neighbor or friend living here in the City of Brook Park, here is some important news that could help them on a weekly basis.

Our Office of Aging provides trips to the grocery store for Brook Park Seniors every Thursday morning starting at 9:00 AM. The transportation bus takes riders to Giant Eagle, Marc’s and the new Plum Market.

Hundreds of Seniors have taken advantage of this free service provided by the city. Riders say they feel blessed to have this service and particularly love Ellen who drives them around to several stores to shop for food.

Ellen who has been with the City for over a year, humbly says she is just a bus driver but the riders say, that’s not all she is, she is family!

There is a steadfast group of riders each week that look forward to Thursday mornings for many reasons besides just shopping for food.

Sandra who is a weekly rider said, “I enjoy the fellowship of others that are in the same position that I’m in, this bus is a lifesaver for me and I don’t have to rely on others friends, neighbors or relatives to get me food. My reliable ride is my second family and that’s Ellen and all the others that ride with us.”

As riders enter and exit the bus they hug each other. There is one couple that doesn’t even speak English but they hug every one that gets on board! Each rider has grown to care about every other rider!

Another rider said, “I take the bus every week and when I miss…I have a stream of phone calls from fellow passengers asking if I am ok and if I need anything. We look out for one another.”

When they stop off at Marc’s their staff is eager to help anyone that asks. They assist them and track down each item on their shopping list, they read product labels and even walk up and down aisles with them to make sure they are doing ok.
Then the bus stops at Giant Eagle, Seniors can not only shop for food but they can buy prepared foods too. They can do some additional tasks such as, purchase stamps, get prescriptions filled, rent movies at the RED BOX, purchase Lottery tickets and if they belong to Huntington Bank they can do their banking. They can even turn their change into dollar bills.

Every passenger I spoke with said that they are so grateful that the Mayor and the city have continued this service. “You will never know how much we appreciate this service and the friendships that we have made, we discuss our family, pets and even the best doctors,” said a rider.

These rides help make life for our cherished Seniors a little more livable. For some of the passengers these short trips on Thursday mornings are the only time they leave their home. Sometimes it’s not just a shopping trip; it’s a family thing!

So if you live in the City of Brook Park and you are a Senior Citizen or need special assistance because of a disability all you need to do is call the Director of Aging, Joan Corrigan and get added to the list for pick up. If you can please call by Tuesday at noon, it would be greatly appreciated so they can make the proper arrangements for the bus trip. Here is the number (216) 433- 4136.

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