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  • Brook Park Beautification and Pride Committee

    In 2008, the Beautification & Pride Committee implemented a program recognizing residences that put in the effort to maintain and improve their properties. To nominate a resident for consideration of this award, nominations forms are available at City Hall. Learn more about the program here.

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  • Mayor Coyne Introduces Legislation to Resolve Lawsuits; Fire Station 2 to Remain Open

    At the City Council meeting last night, Mayor Coyne introduced Ordinance No. 2016-10003 which, if enacted, eliminates the conflicts between Ordinance 143.026, the Collective Bargaining laws and the City Charter. A copy of proposed Ordinance No. 2016-10003 is attached. Fire Station 2 will remain open and staffed to serve city

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  • City of Brook Park Sidewalk Repair Program

    Over time, sidewalks can become damaged from weathering, tree roots, and even regular use. A sidewalk repair program has been undertaken by the City of Brook Park to inspect, repair or reconstruct damaged sidewalks. The goal is to provide a safe pathway for pedestrian travel. Please note: We will be

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