Carol Dillon Horvath, Law Director
216 433-1300

6161 Engle Road
Brook Park, Ohio 44142

Law Director Carol Dillon Horvath heads the Brook Park Law Department. Her staff includes Administrative Assistant Vicky Cardaman and Assistant Law Director and Prosecutor, Peter Sackett. Pursuant to the Charter of the City of Brook Park, “the Director of Law shall serve the Mayor, the Council, the administrative officers and departments, and the commissions and boards of the City as legal counsel, and shall represent the City in all proceedings in court or before any administrative body. She shall act as the prosecuting attorney for the City. She shall perform all other duties now or hereafter imposed upon city solicitors by the general laws of Ohio, unless otherwise provided by ordinance or resolution of the Council, and she shall perform such other duties as may be required by this Charter and/or as the Council or the Mayor may impose upon her- consistent with her office.”

One of the main functions of the Law Department is to prepare and/or oversee all legislation presented to the City Council from every City Department. In addition, the Law Director provides daily advice and legal opinions to the Mayor, City Administration and City Council; represents the City in litigation matters and prosecutions; assists insurance defense counsel with litigation; reviews and approves all City contracts; and monitors new developments in the law.

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