Scott Adams , Commissioner

6161 Engle Road
Brook Park, Ohio 44142

City of Brook Park Available Support Services

Two New Fixed Rate Programs for
NOPEC Commercial Electric Members

Brook Park Residential Home Maintenance Assistance Program
The BHAP offers qualified Brook Park Home Owners in owner occupied homes assistance with capital repairs and improvement such as roofs, windows, furnaces, insulation and other remodeling improvements exceeding $5,000. In order to qualify residents must submit three (3) project estimates from licensed contractors for the desired work. The city, after assuring the proposed projects meet all applicable codes, will assist Homeowners by providing a low or no interest loan up to 50% of the value of the improvement up to $15,000. All contractors must be certified by the Department of Building & Housing.

The program is designed to assist homeowners in maintaining affordable renovated homes. Repayment of the loan secured by low monthly installments to fit each Homeowners individual budget and secured via a lien and security interest on the Property. Applications will be taken on a first come first serve basis until annually appropriated funds are exhausted.

Interested Home Owners should submit a letter of interest along with three (3) project estimates to the Commissioner of Economic Development, 6161 Engle Rd., Brook Park, Ohio 44142. For questions or concerns call the commissioner at (216) 433-7302.

Homestead Exemption Program
The Homestead Exemption Program offers reductions in property taxes for senior citizens and disabled individuals that meet income qualifications. For more information on this program, call the Cuyahoga County Auditor’s office at 216-443-7050.

Taxpayer Liaison
The Taxpayer Liaison Department assists taxpayers in obtaining refunds on property tax overpayments. For more information about property tax overpayments, please call the Taxpayer Liaison Department at 216-443-7422.

Tax Escrow Account Management Program (T.E.A.M.)
The T.E.A.M. program is a free service of the Cuyahoga County Treasurer’s office. T.E.A.M. allows property owners in Cuyahoga County to pay their property taxes in easy monthly installments, avoiding large tax bills twice a year. For more information on the T.E.A.M. program, call 216-443-7420.

Heritage Home Loan Program (H.E.L.P.)
The H.E.L.P. program is a low interest home improvement loan program of the Cuyahoga County Treasurer’s office. The program reduces the lowest rate a bank will offer you by 3%. The H.E.L.P. program is available through participating banks in Cuyahoga County and has no maximum income limit. For more information on the H.E.L.P. program, call 216-443-2149.

Downloads available:

www.Heritage Home Loan Information Packet
Heritage Home Loan Application

Home Energy Assistance Program (H.E.A.P)
The Ohio Department of Development offers several programs to help low income Ohioans pay their utility bills and improve the energy efficiency of their homes. These programs are based on gross income of all adult household members. For more information, call HEAP’s toll free number 1-800-282-0880.

State of Ohio Programs


For Businesses:

Available Properties

Properties For Sale or Lease

For information about available properties, call the Department of Economic Development at 216.433.7032, or email at

Economic Development Loan Programs
Tax Increment Financing
Vacant Property Initiative Fund
Commercial Property Reutilization (formerly Brownfield Redevelopment Fund)

Vacant Properties Initiative Private Entity Application

Ford Motor Brook Park Casting Facility circa 1950

Ford Motor Brook Park Target Industrial – Advanced Manufacturing Campus

Brook Park, Ohio: Proud Home of NASA Glenn Research Center

Ford Motor Brook Park Casting Facility circa 1950