Mayor Thomas J. Coyne

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Mayor Tom Coyne’s interest in politics and public service began at a very early age. Inspired by a family legacy of dedication to community, Mayor Coyne pursued a career in public service. He was elected Mayor of Brook Park in 1982. His strong determination and progressive reform efforts built him the reputation as an effective leader and champion for the city. After 20 years of successfully serving the people of Brook Park, Mayor Coyne retired. In 2013, Mayor Coyne was re-elected back in office to aid a city ravaged by the nation’s economic downturn. Anyone who has lived in the city of Brook Park will tell you that during Mayor Coyne’s first tenure, city services were the finest anywhere. The snow removal and grass cutting program for senior citizens and disabled reseidents, initiated by Mayor Coyne, had been a model for other cities throughout the state. The recreation facilities and programs for young people were top notch.

Mayor Coyne’s efforts and success in economic growth and the creation of jobs in Brook Park had taken a turn for the worst since 2008. Mayor Coyne’s priorities are clear: he is dedicated and determined to restore much of what the economy has taken away… jobs, development and city services.

His vision is simple… Rebuild a better Brook Park together.


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Veto of Ordinance #9967-2015

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